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Hi geek world and the normal world too,

My name is Sridhar Suresh.. people call me apple for a reason i dont know.. may be i am too much of an apple fanboy.. Since i am from India, people are not much aware of apple products here.. but now apple revolution is hitting every corner with the release of iPhone..

But my case is a bit different.. i liked apple computers from the day i was born.. and a windows hater..

I am loving the android thing too.. placed my order for an android dev phone 1. but later cancelled it due to high shipping charges form the US.

My work side of life is into SAP .. am a certified consultant for retail , passionate about that bit of revolutionary software..

To be honest, am not showing my pride or anything.. am just a normal guy .. am happy to show my passion..

Lastly i am bit of a geek..i like almost any gadget that has been made in this world, with pure manufacturing and technology (not those fakes).. thats why i am starting this blog.. you will find a lot of interesting gadgets and latest technology aspects too.. and also i will taking help of my cousins & friends to help me get updates..


will start posting soon... take care guys.. bye for now


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