The BlackBerry Connection

Posted by SS on 6:45 PM

Hey guys its been a couple of months since i posted. Sorry google i had to give off my G1 (ADP1) in the mean time and also sell off my iPhone, in exchange for a piece of art... the BlackBerry Javelin or the 8900 Curve.  I have been busy with this & I am loving this thing .. Anyone planning to buy a phone, you might consider buying this one for its amazing Mailing, IM and Multimedia capabilities.  And the best part is its the Blackberry OS 4.6 .. and the 5.0 is coming up soon !!!

The phone costs INR 27990, tied with Vodafone or Airtel.


Good Wallpapers !!

Posted by SS on 7:46 AM
Hi buds, its been quite sometime since i posted. Thats not coz i was busy and all.  I have a lot of time for this..

Here are few amazing wallpapers that might impress you to right click and set as wallpaper. And of course these are apple wallpapers. Chk out the link !!

will start posting again.. 


iPhone 3G unlock : Finally here !!

Posted by SS on 10:36 PM

Hi guys.. hope u had a rocking new year bash.. 2009 will be an amazing year i hope.  Its been quite sometime since i posted.

The iPhone 3G unlock is here, the flower has been dropped by the dev team on the new years eve. Hit the link below to their site. 

My G1 also rocks just like the iPhone..


MAC vs PC - Judgement day

Posted by SS on 12:21 PM
Check out this super cool video created by Nick Greenlee. Amazing animation & visual effects. 

Now you decide. MAC or PC !!!


iPhone 3g vs HTC G1

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This is a video comparison between iPhone 3g and HTC G1. Rather than me typing a long text comparison, this would be a better idea. Good job Phonelama. Check it out ( there are 2 parts ).




Nokia 5800 coming very soon to India

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The buzz is that Nokia 5800 is releasing for sale on Jan 3rd 09 in India. The resistive touch screen phone is a long awaited one from Nokia. Priced approximately Rs. 20,500, you can grab this one at almost any Nokia dealer out there. If you want a touch screen phone, and if you feel that the iPhone revolution (iPhone 3g - Rs.29,800/-) is costly in India, you can check out this one. 

A new year gift from Nokia !!!


Comments on G1 - by a WinMo expert

Posted by SS on 10:15 PM
Windows Mobile Experts editor ,Dieter Bohn, has given his thoughts on the first android phone, T-Mobile G1, in the 4th week of Smartphone Round Robin. He has a lot of good points about the G1 hardware.  And the OS too. Check out the video review of the android phone from a WinMo Experts' mouth.



The Apple story - in 3 minutes

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Apple Inc has been in operations for more than 3 decades. It was officially started on April 1st 1976 by 2 college grads, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. They started their preliminary operations in a garage. Apple has had a huge profile of products in their 33 years of operations. It would rather be very difficult or rare to see some of their cool gadgets. 

I found this video in youtube, which shows different Apple products right from its birth.  Its a WOW from my side after seeing this compilation. I wish i was born sometime in the 60s atleast, in the Silicon Valley.   Check out the video over a glass of water.



Cat n Mouse Game - iPhone 3g Unlocked!!!

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The Dev- team has done it once again. They have managed to crack (software unlock) the iPhone 3g after so many months of hardwork and dedication. It is called the "pwnage tool". iPhone 3g escaped the software unlocking for all these months. The cat and mouse game has again started. Amazing guys, we are really proud of you. 

India will be proud of you. The phone costs Rs.31,000 now.  The price may come down pretty soon because people can now buy the phone in the US for Rs.8000 and unlock it with any career within seconds. 

They are planning the release of this free unlock on the new years eve.  What a gift baby !!!

Apple what are you gonna do now ?? The chase begins... 

click the link : iPhone dev team blog


Nokia 5800 Tube !! - out of the box

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One of the most anticipated Nokia device of the year "5800" gets unboxed royally. Releasing in India in Jan 09 for a price of Rs.21,000 (approx). Many stores in India have started showing demo for this phone already. 

But the main question is : Will people accept Nokia's Touch screen concept (this is the second nokia touch device. the first is Nokia 7710).. its after-all a resistive touch screen. What is the idea behind Nokia releasing this resistive touch screen when the market wants Capacitive touchscreens like the iPhone and the G1 ?

Check out the video below:


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