Apple ibangle - Not a phone but a great concept

Posted by Bindya on 12:20 PM in , ,
The iBangle is a vision of a future iPod where the devices have become darn close to becoming Jewellery. If you factor in inflation and the cost of Apple products today -we might as well call it jewellery because it’ll cost as much. iBangle is a thin piece of aluminum of course with a multi-touch track pad. To achieve the perfect fit, a cushion inside the ring inflates to keep itself tight against your wrist. Unisex? Maybe :-)

If this concept becomes reality, it would be just mater of time before a phone is rolled in along with this. LeTs WaIt n WaTcH !

Check larger pictures on: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mAJDMuyu_WI/ST2ggKzfeII/AAAAAAAABFc/X5q4c0uECqw/s1600-h/iBangle.jpg


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